The Heritage School

From the Principal's Desk

The Heritage School was founded witn great aspiration and hope to promote education in Bulandshahr and other parts of this region.
I am happy to note that The Heritage School has; lived up to be the highest cause of education and was honoured its commitment to the society by upholding the faith people have placed in it.
A very special words of thanks goes out to parents staff members &                                        citizens of Bulandshahr for help and support given to us.

Little About Us

Heritage Stands For

H  Humanity

E  Equality

R  Religious Harmony

I  Integrity

T  Tolerance

A  Ambition

G  Generosity

E  Education

Aims And Objective

The Heritage School is founded and managed by Heritage education socity, the members of advisory committee consist of eminent citizens, social workers and educationists-men and women.
                The main aim of the institute is to impart knowledge of the highest order to the children and the youth of the area. It also imparts value based education (moral,social,culture and physical) to all the students irrespective of cast or race.
        The heritage aim at forming students to be intellectually competent, morally sound, socially responsible and having a deep sense of noble valuses.
        The heritage provides family environment for the all round development of children by highly experienced and trained teachers.
        The fulfilment of its objective.,the school depends on the whole - hearted co-operative of the parents and highly competent trained teachers.

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Contact Address

The Heritage School Opp. Sharma Inter College,
Telephone: (05732)-257198

Contact Information

Opposite Sharma intercollege civil line bulandshahr
Phone: (05732)-257198

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